Welcome to my human service blog…

~~Here you will periodically find my thoughts, opinions, observations, suggestions, musings and other random bits of information regarding the human service profession.

We’ve come a long way since the days of, for example, volunteers laboring in loaned-out church basements providing caring services to children with special needs, or providing mental health services out of a converted beauty parlor in a rough part of town. (I cite these two examples as having particular relevance to my early career.) Back then, it was often still called “charity” work and we didn’t “empower” people, we “helped” them because we “cared.” (In fact, you will still sometimes hear references to the “helping professions” or the “caring professions.”)

In my opinion (remember that I said I’d be sharing my opinions!), some things never change. There are people in a position of needing help, and some people in a position to help. If we play our cards right, the helped ultimately become the helpers. (And, of course, sometimes the helpers need help! i.e. Who cares for the caregivers?) This is human service and the human service profession.

We know alot more than we did when I first became a human service professional (1971!) and in future posts I plan to talk about the differences between good ideas or intentions, "consensus-based" interventions and "evidence-based" interventions. i.e. having a real and measurable impact.

I hope you will consider my points, compare them to your own experience, and let me know what you think. As in all things of any significance and important to us, I'm sure we'll sometimes agree and sometimes not. For me, the important thing will be that we continue to think deeply and care about making a difference in the lives of our fellow humans.